Reseller Web Hosting – Introduction

Most people know that the term “resell” refers to the act of selling again. It is a term also referred to as the act of an authorized individual selling a service or product to an end user, or the public. Within the confines of web hosting, a web host client can host or resell a portion of their particular allotted bandwidth and hard drive space to third parties. With this in mind, an individual can purchase services from the host company, and then sell to other customers for a profit. Every web site needs a host, which means that one of the biggest businesses online is hosting.

There are many different types of individuals and companies that could choose to engage in reseller web hosting. Some of these could provide web site design, system integration or development of web sites. The ability to also offer hosting can then be an additional source of revenue for those specific specialists. Of course there are also entrepreneurs that want to get into web hosting that choose to start with reseller hosting as a simpler way to get started in the market. This is due to the fact that there is not a requirement for a lot of knowledge of web hosting technical aspects. The new entrepreneur can then take their time to gain this knowledge along the way.

Those who choose the route of becoming a reseller host in most cases can devise their own service plans and structure for pricing. The reseller host leaves the server configuration, security, and updates, as well as the maintenance of the hardware and network infrastructure to the operator of the actual data center. Problems in any of these areas are the responsibility of the server provider that sold the original plan, while the reseller takes care of the interface and customer base.

In a majority of the cases of reseller web hosting it is an additional service offered to smaller customer bases. Advantages of this entrepreneur means include a revenue that is recurring, a very large market in need of web hosting services, little competition in your niche, the capability of the smaller hosting companies being able to compete with the larger ones. The reseller web host purchases a sizable web hosting plan or possibly a dedicated server, and then splits it into smaller plans that are sold to other clients. This can be a preexisting client base in another avenue of the World Wide Web, or new clients after much advertising is projected to the public.

Reseller web hosts are sometimes referred to as the retailers of web hosting services. Typically an individual rents a bulk of space from a large entity like a data center type web host. As the reseller or retailer of the services, a profit is made by renting a portion of the space they purchased to another individual or company. In most cases of reseller web hosting the purchaser is an individual or smaller business in need of web host services.