Reseller Web Hosting – Tips and Benefits

With the growth in the number of the ever increasing websites, there are more opportunities for those guys who want to make some extra income. Moreover, there are chances to become a full time hosting reseller if someone gets it going well. There are many websites that are offering reseller hosting accounts that lets you enjoy a lot of benefits but before you go for entering into a contract with a webhosting company for a reseller account, there are some considerable issues that you must keep in mind.

Take some of your time for the selection and resort to the internet in browsing the best web hosts offering the reseller web hosting account. This would provide you an insight into deciding what reseller account would be the most suitable and affordable for you. At the same time, you must look for the reliability of the hosting services. For this purpose, it is better to give visits to some popular and indifferent relevant forums. Moreover, it should be confirmed what tools you are going to avail of the deal. If you are intending to start a small part-time reseller web hosting business then you might opt for a limited disk space and bandwidth. For example, buying a reseller web hosting account having 30 GB of disk space would be enough for hosting thirty domains but again you can even resell to some extend.

There are many benefits with buying a reseller account. You have the best options to host multiple domains on one hosting platform. It is never recommended to purchase a separate hosting account for a separate domain. In this way, a reseller web hosting deal would come out to be much affordable and inexpensive. When you avail this kind of account, you are facilitated with the best services and website management tool that would go a long way in making your work easier. The control panel would give you the full control over you websites and the web hosting servers.

Most of the guys purchase the reseller accounts with the aim to avail the business opportunities. They can make good amounts of extra bucks. Pocketing the profits would let you enjoy another dimension of the reseller web hosting. You can create separate hosting plans within your reseller web hosting plan to make good sales at lower rates. This would add extra income to your pocket. Once you earn some amount of money through these kind of plans, you should try to buy more reseller plans and increase the business customers base exponentially and earn a handsome figure every month easily.

One of the biggest advantage is that you don’t have to hire a dedicated tech support team who would try to fix all the customers problems and technical help because the server selling company is going to handle all this for you.

Benefits of Choosing Reseller Web Hosting Services

There are several Web Hosting India services that offer reseller Web hosting services. Reseller Web hosting resells the regular Web hosting plans in wholesale price. If you purchase such a plan, you can use the space to host the Web sites of your customers. Reseller Web hosting provides you with a business opportunity but without any huge investments, infrastructure or personnel support. Plus, the business owner is free from the headaches related to running and securing the server. Well, let us here analyze the benefits of choosing a reseller Website hosting service in detail.

No investment

Every business in today’s world requires significant investment. A major part of this money goes to setting up the facility and other expenses related to infrastructure. In the case of a Web related service, the cost of software is also an important consideration. Many of you think it is not feasible for you to spend your hard-earned money and ‘try your luck’ in this highly competitive environment. Here comes the relevance of reseller Webhosting services. This is ideal for those people who have some interest in doing a business but have minimum resources to make it run smoothly. In a reseller hosting plan, you pay only for the hosting package available to you on a monthly or yearly basis. The rest of the things are taken care by the Web hosting India company that owns the server.

Free from the hassles

Webhosting India services free you from the hassles associated with Web hosting. By choosing the reseller hosting plan, you are able to offer a limited server space to your clients without worrying about other aspects of the services such as server security, hardware expenses or power efficiency. The Web hosting company is responsible for all these tasks. They have the robust server with all necessary hardware components such as power backup units, cooling systems, etc., to support the server. They have the most advanced security software installed that can protect the server from all types of attacks. They have 24/7 monitoring system to watch out for any downtime issues in the server. Their customer support staff is available to customers anytime anywhere to address the concerns of the customers. All these facts mean that you are free from the tension of running the business. All what you need is a PC with sufficient memory to handle your customers’ Web sites’ needs.

The reseller hosting plan is the most suitable business opportunity for those who are involved in Web site designing or related services. By opting for the reseller hosting plan, they earn an extra edge and a new opportunity to make money. This additional service will also benefit their customers. It is better for a client (any business) to depend on one service provider for all related activities such as Web site designing, maintenance, and hosting rather than allotting the services to individual companies specializing in each service. This not only reduces the time and effort, but also improves the quality of the Web site and dedication from the part of the service provider. As a Web site design/maintenance company, you will find the reseller hosting more rewarding.

There are several Web hosting India companies that offer you reseller hosting with private label service, which gives you full control over your customers’ Web sites. You can also use your brand to sell the hosting service, so ultimately you become the exclusive service provider to your customers.

Can I Really Make Money With a Reseller Web Hosting Account?

It’s been touted as one of the easiest ways for the somewhat-web-savvy individual to make money on the Internet – reseller web hosting. Supposedly, all you have to do is purchase a reseller hosting account, find clients, and watch the money roll in, month after month after month. We all know what the hype says in this situation – reselling web hosting accounts is a no-brainer business opportunity. However, can the reality of the opportunity live up to the expectations that the hype produces?

Before you dive into the great money-maker of reseller web hosting, there are a couple things that you need to know. First off – it isn’t quite as hassle-free as it’s hyped up to be. See, even if you do manage to obtain hundreds of paying clients for your branded web hosting services, you still need to support your clients. At the very least, this means that you either have to hire people to handle your support requests, or you need to dedicate your own time to the cause. Now, as a reseller, you will not likely have root access to the server, so in a lot of cases, you have to be the middleman between your clients and your web hosting company when support requests surface.

The second area is probably where you’re going to run into the biggest obstacles — getting clients. See, when bandwidth and disk space was just starting to come down in price several years back, that may have been a good time to jump on the reseller web hosting bandwagon. However, over the years, literally tens of thousands of people, who have the exact same ideas that you do, jumped on that wagon, and unfortunately, the wheels fell off from it.

Now, this isn’t meant to completely discourage you from pursuing the ‘make money via reseller hosting’ opportunity, but if you hope to make it work for you – you have to do something that other mainstream business owner hopefuls haven’t already tried. You have to differentiate your offers!

There are ways to make money with a reseller hosting account, but the newcomers who are succeeding in this market are not relying on reselling web hosting services alone – they are tacking on supplemental services. For instance, some are offering website design services, and then subsequently offering website hosting packages to their clients. Or they cater to a specific segment or niche market. Others are taking needed services, such as shopping cart systems, affiliate management systems, and credit card processing and combining them with website hosting services to offer to the public. Unfortunately, the viability of running a profitable, no-effort reseller hosting business out of your bedroom or spare room just isn’t likely anymore.

So, while there are ways, even today, that you can make money reselling web hosting, you’re going to be hard-pressed to be able to make money through offering hosting services as a stand-alone service.