Some Things You Have To Know About Reseller Web Hosting

Reselling is basically a process which involves using the resources of parent web hosting companies and selling it as one of their own. Most of the hosting companies today have reseller web hosting packages that you can buy. There are a number of benefits you can get by hosting your website with a reseller. At the same point of time, if you choose the wrong reseller, you could face a lot of trouble.

But, it’s important that you have all of the information necessary to determine whether or not this can work for you and how you can make the most of it.


Some hosts charge resellers on per client basis. Here, whenever another client is added by the reseller, the host charges them. There are various other packages available as well. However, there are a few common features for all packages. They are:

• You can brand your own hosting company as the parent hosting company.
• You can manage plans of your own and configure accounts as per your requirement.
• Bandwidth
• Disc space
• Pass on features to clients just like the parent company offers you like email, additional scripts, control panel, monitoring tools, etc.

Does reseller web hosting make a difference?

Most reseller hosts are well-respected and will offer a high quality of service. But there are others who might not be as honorable. Resellers may not be able to offer as efficient customer support as compared to the parent host and you may need to wait for assistance. If the reseller isn’t as strong as the parent company, you will have to suffer because of constant outages, lesser uptime, etc.

Some resellers may even offer fewer features as compared to the parent company. They may even charge you more. What’s more, they can keep control of your website and cause trouble if you are trying to shift to another host. In such situations, your best bet would be to contact the parent company directly.

Can you offer reseller web hosting?

Here are a few simple steps that will help you start your own reseller web hosting business:

• Find out about all of the web hosts which offer reseller hosting.
• Consider the number of customer you think you can add right away to your new business. This will help determine the type of package you should go with.

• Determine the size and types of packages that you are going to offer your customers.
• Determine the price that you will sell the packages for of if you are going to use the hosting for adding a value added service to any of your related services.
• Compare the various reseller hosting plans available to you in order to determine the one that suits you the most and is nearest to your budget.
• Sign up for that plan.
• Follow the instructions and set up all your packages.
• Begin marketing this new business of yours.
• Support your customers and watch as your reseller web hosting business grows.

Tips for Choosing Best Reseller Web Host Provider

Features of Reseller web host

There are certain factors you need to take into account when choosing the best reseller hosting provider. There are some website host providers, which offer services that allow you to purchase these services from reseller hosting provider. They allocate a portion of bandwidth and hard-drive space to the person purchasing the reseller account. Typically, most reseller accounts are taken up by web designers, systems integrators as well as developers. If you desire to get into the web hosting industry, reseller accounts present the finest way for one to go.

24/7 Technical support

When choosing the foremost reseller hosting plan, ensure that you are given or offered a guarantee of 24/7 technical support by hosting provider. The provider should be one who can connect you with a support team which will cater for all your web-related challenges. From the very beginning, you have to know that web hosting comes with a lot of technological problems and other related challenges. Try to ask the reseller provider a number of technical questions. Make sure that you are provided with the right answers before you go ahead to buy the reseller packages on offer.

Reliable web host

Reliability of the reseller provider is one of the most important tools which you need to consider when choosing the best reseller hosting plan. If your clients are going to experience moments when your website is down, they will leave you and take their business elsewhere. You need to have this aspect resolved with the reseller host provider from the beginning. The client’s website needs to be able to handle all manners of traffic, irrespective of how heavy it may be. The only way in which you can be assured of reliability and constant up times, is if the servers are dedicated to your site.

High quality hardware and tools

The hardware used to operate the servers on which your reseller account is based, should be of the highest quality. Remember that you need reliable services. This will be possible if your servers work every day, every week, right through the year. Your website’s servers should be located in an environment which is user-friendly for them. You cannot afford to have your server getting infected by malicious ware, or scripts. If this happens, your servers and site will have nowhere to be based. This will eventually lead to a great loss of business for you.

Cost is considered to be a very important factor in choosing the best reseller web hosting. It is tempting to rush over to the cheapest provider in order to assure yourself of increased profits. However, this is not always the case. At times, you need to consider other factors, such as those mentioned above. Support given to you over the phone is as equally important in this regard. You should remember that reseller accounts are primarily designed for those desiring to get into web hosting.

Reseller Web Hosting – What Resellers Do When Setting Up Their Reseller Hosting Plan

Reseller Hosting allows the account owner to have the privilege of making use of his own hard drive and server space as well as bandwidth for the purpose of hosting websites owned by other users. This process is similar to that of a regular purchase and sale wherein the reseller makes a purchase from the host wholesale which he sells to interested users at a profit. After this transaction is complete, a part of the server space, hard drive as well as bandwidth is reserved and allotted to the account that is managed by the reseller. The reseller then has the option of either renting from a hosting company after which he will operate within a dedicated server or he can resell those hosting services that are shared. If the reseller decides to go with the first option, he will have to rent a server from that company with which he has reseller account. However, if he chooses the second option, he will be allowed to make a deal with his customers according to which a part of the disk space, server space as well as bandwidth would be sold to them.

Usually, reseller web hosting is carried out by a web developer, a web design company or a systems integrator whose additional services include the process of web hosting.

Those entrepreneurs who are looking to begin a business can opt for reseller hosting as it is cost effective.

According to a majority of plans that support reseller hosting, the resellers are given the option of formulating and developing their own plans as well as creating an independent costing plan.

Those interested in reseller hosting do not need to possess complex knowledge about web hosting with regard to technicalities. According to most plans, it is the responsibility of the data operators to maintain hardware along with the development of network infrastructure. On the other hand, the job of maintaining security and configuration lies with the user who owns the dedicated server. The dedicated server is also expected to keep the server up to date.

Resellers are given the option of creating and maintaining customer accounts with the help of a web interface. Therefore, for this purpose, the reseller must be aware of the control panels list. These include:

1-WHM/cPanel which is not available in Windows yet.




5-Cortex Provisioning System which is available in Windows

6-Reseller Hosting


8-Ensim Pro