What Are the Top Key Benefits of Reseller Web Hosting?

The reseller industry is rapidly growing in the hosting market. It is an exciting and promising new business providing great income earning opportunities for potential web masters who have the skills and committed, especially for the initial 1-2 years when setting up the necessary infrastructure and network to stabilize one’s market position in this industry.

As we continue to see an increase of web-masters getting into this market, it is undeniable that this is a new business with great prospect with anticipated increase demand over the next 5-10 years. Thus, I am pretty sure that most of you are curious on what are the key benefits which these web-masters are able to grasp from reseller web hosting that making it such a profitable business today.

Here are some of the key benefits from the reseller web services business,

a. Reseller web business helps to reduce the huge cost required to purchase the entire web spaces as a re-requisite to start up one’s online business. However with the introduction of reseller services, a huge web space are divided into many smaller web spaces which are good enough to be resold to their potential customers who are looking for average sized web space for their different usage.

b. Reseller business is the best avenue for web host with budget constraint to get their required web hosting space from. It is an highly effective cost reduction method of hosting where the web host can have a huge web hosting space for USD $50 per month which can be easily split into approximately 50 different domains. If each domain is charged for USD $20 per month, then the web-master would potentially be expecting for a profit of more than 50% per month with this reseller services. It helps to save a great amount of money for the clients and enable a handsome amount of profit to the reseller web host in this business.

c. One of the obvious benefits of running reseller web services is that one does not necessarily need to be equipped with the web hosting knowledge to be qualified as a reseller. What he or she needs to do is to sell the web services to other third parties who are interested in getting relevant web hosting services.

d. One of the greatest contributions of reseller hosting is by providing a lot of cheap but yet quality services and plans for many small firms to continue surviving in this industry which would otherwise had been demolished by now if without reseller web services plan which are capable in offering their hosting plans with very competitive cost at high quality.

e. Another significant benefit of reseller hosting is that the web-master can start their business by running a reseller hosting business by using the web space on the server. You can then start to setup your own business slowly through these reseller web hosting, and ultimately build up your own web hosting business in the near future.

All You Need to Know About Reseller Web Hosting

A website is your platform to reach out to the world. The whole world is connected via the internet. The internet does not recognize gender, class or birth divide and hence it can excel where direct interaction fails. The main advantage of a website is that the interaction is one-to-one which means that the viewer feels that the website is designed specifically for his need, if a website is successful in attaining this, then half the wok is already done. But to launch your website and make it available on the internet, the first and foremost thing you need is a web host. Website owners generally perform intensive market study and read surveys and reviews before choosing a web host.

The most recent survey has shown that most domestic or small business websites are turning towards reseller web hosting. This type has become very popular and has give birth to a whole new reseller industry. A primary web host generally handles large websites and corporate clients with millions of views daily, hence this service is provided on a very large scale which makes the primary hosts very alienated from small website clients. This gap is bridged by reseller web hosts. The reseller web hosts have a client base and serves many small websites on its servers. The reseller on the other hand rents servers and web hosting rights form the primary hosts. This facility is advantageous to both the primary hosts and the reseller. In this process, the primary hosts can reach out to clients which would not have been possible otherwise whereas the secondary hosts draw revenue by selling service to the individual clients. Thus this is a win-win situation for both the primary and secondary hosts. The clients are also benefitted as the costs are greatly reduced and apart from regular web hosting, the reseller also provides many value added services which help run the website. For example the reseller will provide tips and reviews on increasing efficiency of your website and will guide you to make it more user friendly. Apart from that the reseller will also register your domain name and save it for future reference, the reseller also promise to back up important data of your website so that there is no data loss during the unlikely event of a server crash where your website ceases to run.

There are also many downsides of reseller web hosting which needs to be taken in account as well. Resellers often tend to cluster more websites than a server can actually handle by assuming that the websites will not perform in peak load simultaneously. But there are times when several websites sharing the same server will operate are peak load leading to a server crash and loss of data and loss to the company whose website is affected. Another important point is that the data backup systems of the reseller are not reliable and the users are advised to create data backups of their own.

All That You Need To Know About Cheap Reseller Web Hosting Services

Before we move on to the actual core of the topic, we must first know about a reseller hosting service in a few words. The service aims to open a reseller account from a main hosting account, which is provided to you for a very cheap price. You can then divide your account into multiple sub-accounts and sell every one of it separately. You can create around 50 sub-accounts from the main account, which is provided to you.

The main reason why people choose a cheap reseller hosting service is because it is pretty affordable as compared to the actual web hosting service. For example, if a person buys a web hosting service, it will cost him around $35 per month. However, if he buys it and makes sub-accounts with it, he will be selling one sub-account for around $5. Hence, a person who buys a sub-account gets more or less the same services but at a much lower cost.

The things that are required for a reseller to start his hosting business are a dedicated server, a fixed amount of bandwidth and allocated hard disk space for the users. Often, the hosting company rents a dedicated server to the reseller. An alternative is not to rent the server and just resell shared hosting services. In this case, the reseller may need to sell certain bandwidth and disk space to his customers, and you can actually save the money that is required to rent a server from the web hosting company.

It may seem that a reseller is someone who is just making accounts and filling up his pocket with easy money. This is not the case. Clever website operators are often seen to go for resellers rather than original hosting services. This is because web hosting services operate on a bigger scale than reseller hosting services. So, they do not readily cater to all the demands of their customers. On the contrary, the resellers have a small traffic of people to handle, so they are always present whenever there is a problem like server breakdown or spam, malware attack or any client demand to be fulfilled.

A cheap reseller hosting service may work for web designing purposes, as a web developer or a systems integrator. Additionally, a reseller service provider does not need to get into the intricate systems of web hosting. However, the business of reselling involves extensive advertising if a person or an organization wants the reselling business to be popular.

Last but not the least, cheap reseller web hosting services are characteristically ideal for the people who are start-up web hosts, those web hosting companies who are in a plan for expansion without the assistance of a dedicated server, those individuals who are running medium sized forums for which they might be needing middling amount of bandwidth and disk space, and finally, individuals who have multiple domains and want to host all the domains with a single account.