Is Becoming a Reseller Web Host Lucrative?

Reseller Website Hosting has become quite an affordable and popular option amongst individuals and organisations seeking hosting of their websites both for their own benefit as well as for leasing it out to their clients further. Basically, reseller web hosts sign a contract with the web hosting companies to purchase hosting on a wholesale price and further resell the disk space and the bandwidth to the customers. In a reseller account, one gets the access to an all-inclusive control panel through which one can administer and control various functions just by the click of a mouse. Many web hosts offer professionally designed templates to the web masters to help them facilitate their clients with the setting of the websites of the latter.

You can find different types of reseller hosts in the web hosting industry, depending upon one’s requirements. The reseller host acts like an agent on behalf of the web hosting provider and mainly works on fetching adverts for the providers. The clients are required to buy directly from the provider, wherein the reseller host enjoys a certain amount of percentage as a commission when his name is mentioned separately. Another type of reseller host acts as a marketing agent for the hosting company and takes the charge of all marketing and adverts, wherein the customer can also buy the hosting account directly from the reseller. Third type of reseller host buys the web hosting rights from the company at a much affordable price and becomes a hosting company itself, managing adverts, marketing, sales and after sales service methods. The last kind of reseller host buys massive web space with bandwidth from the parent hosting company and segregates them into small chunks and sells them off to the clients.

The Best part of running this kind of business is that you do not need to hire any technical support team or techies because the parent company which offers the main service is going to handle this and all the customers you bring into the business are a part of the main company and they would handle everyone professionally.

Thus, we see reseller web host stands as a good option for people wanting to have a big website or many websites requiring more space and bandwidth but either not willing to own a dedicated server or can have one instead of buying a server, without worrying about server issues. Overall this business is a seriously good idea to try out and make money.