Reseller Web Hosting – Resell Web Hosting For Profit

Are you a web developer, systems integrator or web design firm that wishes to include web hosting as an additional service for your customers? A reseller web hosting plan could be perfect for you. It is easy for you to represent your web based business with a more personal touch with a great Reseller Hosting account. Tapping into a niche market that can potentially return 1333% profit to your business, that’s right it’s not a typo, let me explain how.

Firstly with a Reseller Hosting account you don’t need any of the out of pocket costs of setting up server equipment, and you don’t need to know a hell of a lot about managing hardware, software or trouble shooting connectivity problems. Most Reseller Hosting account provides support to the Resellers directly to you only; however should you need to seek support on behalf of one of your customers they surely will be able to assist you in doing so. Some providers offer white label support services where they act on your company’s behalf to your customers, at additional costs.

Purchasing a Reseller Hosting account on a monthly or yearly base charge allows you to easily and centrally manage multiple web hosting accounts and domains via a web interface control panel such as CPanel/WHM or Plesk. CPanel/WHM or Plesk are well known web control panels for Web Hosting services, however some providers may use a custom system or program. If you have never used these programs, your provider will assist with setting up your initial account and there is a wealth of information and tutorials available for you to get up to speed on the basics. Your Reseller Hosting account should include one single account wide license for the use of the control panel interface to support your customers, be sure to check up on that.

Your reseller web hosting account will have a limited quota for disk space and bandwidth sold to you in bulk, which you can divide into smaller Web Hosting Plans with limits more suited for Business and Personal web hosting as a supplementary business product or service.

For example a Reseller Web Hosting Package of 4000mb Disk Space and 200G Bandwidth divided into 40 Blocks of Web Hosting Plans of – 100mb disk space and 5G bandwidth – based on an estimated monthly cost of $20 per plan; Equals a return of $800 net a month before deducting any Reseller Host Provider charges.

The above is just an example, you set your own limits and pricing structure within the means of your business margins and target. Boosting business productivity and increasing your online marketing and advertising presence is simple if your providers supplies white label branding through the use of generic name servers, host names and private IP’s effectively making them un unseen presence to your customer base.

However if and when you outgrow the reseller environment, you can simply upgrade to a Virtual Private Server (VPS), Managed Server or Dedicated Server to further expand your Empire.

Reseller Web Hosting – Introduction

Most people know that the term “resell” refers to the act of selling again. It is a term also referred to as the act of an authorized individual selling a service or product to an end user, or the public. Within the confines of web hosting, a web host client can host or resell a portion of their particular allotted bandwidth and hard drive space to third parties. With this in mind, an individual can purchase services from the host company, and then sell to other customers for a profit. Every web site needs a host, which means that one of the biggest businesses online is hosting.

There are many different types of individuals and companies that could choose to engage in reseller web hosting. Some of these could provide web site design, system integration or development of web sites. The ability to also offer hosting can then be an additional source of revenue for those specific specialists. Of course there are also entrepreneurs that want to get into web hosting that choose to start with reseller hosting as a simpler way to get started in the market. This is due to the fact that there is not a requirement for a lot of knowledge of web hosting technical aspects. The new entrepreneur can then take their time to gain this knowledge along the way.

Those who choose the route of becoming a reseller host in most cases can devise their own service plans and structure for pricing. The reseller host leaves the server configuration, security, and updates, as well as the maintenance of the hardware and network infrastructure to the operator of the actual data center. Problems in any of these areas are the responsibility of the server provider that sold the original plan, while the reseller takes care of the interface and customer base.

In a majority of the cases of reseller web hosting it is an additional service offered to smaller customer bases. Advantages of this entrepreneur means include a revenue that is recurring, a very large market in need of web hosting services, little competition in your niche, the capability of the smaller hosting companies being able to compete with the larger ones. The reseller web host purchases a sizable web hosting plan or possibly a dedicated server, and then splits it into smaller plans that are sold to other clients. This can be a preexisting client base in another avenue of the World Wide Web, or new clients after much advertising is projected to the public.

Reseller web hosts are sometimes referred to as the retailers of web hosting services. Typically an individual rents a bulk of space from a large entity like a data center type web host. As the reseller or retailer of the services, a profit is made by renting a portion of the space they purchased to another individual or company. In most cases of reseller web hosting the purchaser is an individual or smaller business in need of web host services.

Facts About Reseller Web Hosting

There are numerous kinds of hosting services out there nowadays and everyone declares that they provide the top-quality hosting experience for every demand. In the web hosting market today, we can retrieve dedicated, shared, free (with restrictions) and reseller web hosting. Here, we will study each expression of a reseller web hosting service. This type of hosting is the most streamlined for someone that starts a web corporation. The technical term “Reselling” misses technical meaning or specific set up that would identify it as a hosting type.

First of all, a reseller web hosting is essentially a service supplied by a net user who already bought a web hosting service. It is then leased out to other clients at a higher price. This is a reselling procedure. In another words, the bigger company has purchased the hosting service at a wholesale point and is reselling it to a small company in separated segments. Consequently, it is similar leasing out their disk space and bandwidth. All the Reseller neophyte requires is the ambition and skills to advertise itself on the web.

Virtually every reseller web hosting provider is smaller company proprietors who are just taking off their business in hosting industry. A reseller ordinarily aims a medium market where the require for a web host is not that important. It ordinarily offers bundles that does not aim to address advanced requirements. Larger web hosting companies do not allow solutions like this and this is where reseller hosting is priceless. So, the web hosting vendors for this type of service can get some net income simply by marketing successfully. Numerous suppliers offer behind the scenes support services where they act on your company’s behalf to your customers, at addable costs.

Therefore, if you are designing to adventure into the web hosting industry as a reseller hosting, you have to scout around to find out the best business deals. Then, you have to advertise it effectively and creatively to determine your niche market. The service that you supply is essential to be of good quality. In order to get more customers, you will require to allocate your bandwidth and disk space effectively too. To ensure cheerfulness for your clients, whatever trouble that they describe must advance to the prime supplier. This not solely relieves the process of the reseller web hosting but also provides solutions for both the main provider and your clients. If you have never used reseller hosting control panels, your firm will assist with ordering your prime package and there is a wealth of info and how tos ready for you to get up to speed on the basics. Your reseller website hosting account will have a specified quota for web space and bandwidth offered to you in volume, which you can separate into little hosting plans with sets more fitted for ecommerce and vps hosting as well as to offer extra business enterprise merchandises and services (like shopping carts, ssl certificates, free SEO consultation and so on).

Reselling web hosting services is by far the best option for those who are seeking to start an Internet commercial enterprise for the first time. It is ideal for those who are starting up a house based establishment with a restricted economic surface. Few can lease a dedicated server and that is why it is the optimal way out. It allows plenty disk space and bandwidth sufficient for you to create a web site that you can use for any intention.

To summarize, reseller hosting is definitely a desired net service due to its great characteristics that provides one to do many things with limited resources. It is very worthy for certain types of web users and especially for the businesspersons who are making their way into the Internet hosting industry.